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Resolution capping is an important feature which provides you as an integrator or your end users with the ability to cap to at a specific resolution. Can your current video player perform resolution capping while still allowing for adaptive bitrate playback behaviour?

As an example, end users expect to have the ability to restrict the amount of bandwidth their video streaming service uses when on mobile networks. While setting a resolution cap, it's still important to allow for the adaptive behaviour provided by adaptive bitrate streaming technologies to ensure a smooth playback experienece.

A cap on the resolution can be set in two different styles and APIs exist to facilitate this. Either by an explicit cap of x and y pixels, or by declaring a set of preconfigured caps with labels that can be selected from a control bar menu. See our developer documentation for more information. 

Browser Streaming Format DRM
Chrome DASH Widevine
Firefox DASH Widevine
MS Edge DASH Playready
Safari HLS FairPlay Streaming