Resolution capping

You can configure the OpenTV Player SDK for iOS/tvOS FPS to limit the maximum resolution that the user will experience during playback. HLS layers above the selected threshold will be dismissed and ignored by the adaptation algorithms.

Example code

OTVAVPlayer has a public API that lets you configure this feature by specifying the width and height (in pixels) at which the cap will be applied:

  let maxResolution = CGSize(width: 1280, height: 720)
  otvPlayer.currentItem?.preferredMaximumResolution = maxResolution

The special values of zero for width and height ( will remove any resolution limit; these are the default values. If the maximum resolution provided is below the lowest available resolution in the stream, OTVAVPlayer will select the lowest possible resolution above the set limit. Changing the maximum resolution might not take effect immediately as the player may already have some content buffered and ready to play.


It is not mandatory for HLS streams to describe their layers' resolutions. In such a case the cap is not applied.