Player SDK for Browsers - Release 1.4.0

 May 15, 2019

Version 1.4.0 of the HTML5 Player SDK for Browsers is available now!

New features

The following new features have been introduced in this release.

  • Secure Session Management
  • Upgrade of video.js to enable HLS Live timeshift
  • CSS control bar customisation


The following bugs have been fixed in this release.

  • Subtitles selection not clear in menu.
  • Seeking in live will not always seek to the right point on the seek bar.


The following additional changes have been introduced in this release.

  • Change in meaning of currentTime() and duration() APIs With this release the meaning of the values returned by the currentTime() and duration() APIs have changed. Previously for live streams, duration() returned a value reflecting the depth of the timeshift buffer in seconds and currentTime() returned values between zero and duration(), reflecting the current position within the buffer and allowing for seeking within the same range.

    The seekable() range provided a constant lower bound of zero and a large integer. From now on, for live streams duration() will return Infinity; seekable() continues to provide the valid bounds for currentTime() therefore describing a range reflecting the timeshift buffer depth but this is now a rolling window where zero is the point of joining the stream.

  • New reset() API With this release, a new API is available and recommended to ensure resources are freed and a fresh setup is prepared before every playback. The sample application has a Stop button which demonstrates this with a call to playerInstance.reset().

Known issues

The following known issues have been identified in this release.

Subtitles do not display after performing seek in Live. Seeking in number-based live manifests. PiP encrypted video not displayed after PiP window dismissed and re-created on Edge. Chrome complains about deprecated APIs in Chromecast framework within sample application. DASH JS v2.9.2 low latency macro blocking due to segment caching. PIP- Auto test failures. Player stalls on pressing play after exhausting buffer when paused.