Browsers SDK Integration Guide

To test the features and view the example code, please see theĀ Browsers SDK Quick Start guide.

This guide describes how to instantiate and use the CONNECT Player SDK for Browsers and add basic and advanced features.


Download the CONNECT Player SDK for Browsers pack, and extract the following files to a suitable location on a web server. You can use localhost for development and testing purposes.

You will need valid CONNECT Player licence key to use the player, see Player licence for details.

The hosted video must be configured to allow cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) if not hosted on the same origin such as a different domain or subdomain.
The CONNECT Player SDK uses cryptographic functions provided by the browser. Some browsers will inhibit this functionality if not running over HTTPS. You are recommended to only deploy the SDK over HTTPS.

Integration process

NAGRA recommends you perform integration of CONNECT Player SDK in the following stages:

  • In conjunction with the Browsers SDK Quick Start guide, use the code examples to explore and test the features of the CONNECT Player.
  • Using this guide, create a basic player; for details see:
  • Develop your code to add encrypted playback and other features to the player, for details see: