Player SDK for Browsers

Go plug-in free

Player SDK for Browsers is a secure video playout solution for Browsers without the need of browser-based plugins.

In the browser world, there has been a significant shift away from plugin- or extension-based video playback, towards a plugin-free approach. Chrome dropped NPAPI plugin support in 2016 in favour of PPAPI browser extensions, and other browser vendors have followed suit; Firefox dropped support in March 2017 and most recently Apple has dropped support from their Safari browser in the latest macOS release Mojave (September 2018).

Instead of relying on plugins for video playback, most of the major browser vendors now include support for two JavaScript APIs that have been added to the HTML5 specification allow for high quality, adaptive video playback experience without plugins. 

  • Media Source Extensions (MSE) – allow a JavaScript application to manage the media streams that are displayed by the HTML5 <video> element. This enables adaptive bitrate streaming.
  • Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) – allow the HTML5 <video> element to play DRM-protected content (via a JavaScript application that manages licence and key exchange).


Supported Browsers

Browser Streaming Format DRM
Chrome DASH Widevine
Firefox DASH Widevine
MS Edge DASH Playready
Safari HLS FairPlay Streaming  

Supported Audio & Video Codecs

The Player SDK for Browsers leverages the underlying video and audio decoders provided by each of the Browsers;  this is achieved by using the Media Source Extension (MSE) of the HTML5 specification. Each individual Browser has their own set of support audio and video codecs, however the most common across each browser is H.264 and AAC.