Player SDK for Android - Release 4.22.3

September 23, 2019

Version .4.22.3 of the Player SDK for Android is available now!

New features

The following new feature was introduced in release 4.22.0.

  • 64-bit Support


The following bugs have been fixed in this release.

  • Player freezes after indeterminate time, video first then audio
  • Error not reported when HLS Master playlist is 0 size

The following bugs were fixed in release 4.22.2.

  • Build 4.22 hangs at loadLibrary on Huawei P20
  • Previously playable HLS stream now unplayable

The following bugs were fixed in release 4.22.1.

  • HLS streams that contain AC3 no longer play

The following bugs were fixed in release 4.22.0.

  • Video artefacts on Galaxy S8 for AMS dash Tears of Steel
  • Systematic Frame Drops Observed on DASH
  • Some streams are not seekable on some devices
  • Player does not play after resume from background when player is sent to background before seek completion


There are no other changes in this release.

Known issues

The following known issues have been identified in this release.

  • Quickmark Watermarking failed: Server answer is not yet valid/expired
  • Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 crash on robustness test pseudo random play pause seek and zap
  • Random playback crash in mp4 demuxer
  • Downloaded audio track name has audio track number appended
  • ImpressionMonitor has memory leak and multithread crash
  • Screen recording is not blocked on Galaxy Note 8 with OS 8.0.0
  • Video does not resume after Bandwidth Limiting on DASH
  • MC mp2 demuxer cannot demux any audio AU after 10 seconds playback or performed a seek on android devices with intel cpu
  • Subtitles can remain on screen after disabling CC tracks
  • Player crashes when starting stream with Dell tablet Venue 8
  • Frozen Pic and crash after a seek on Amazon FireTV playing a dash stream