Android SDK 5 Integration Guide

Having seen and tested the CONNECT Player features using the example code, use this guide to create your player.

The following procedures describe how to create a new CONNECT Player application in Android, and add a video view to play a specified clear video stream.



The following development tools are required; the number in square brackets denotes the earliest supported version of the software verified by NAGRA.


The external library dependency androidx.appcompat:appcompat 1.1.0 is necessary for general Android X support. Dependencies for other features are listed under the relevant feature description.

Product release file

NAGRA supplies the following files as part of your release:

  • opy-sdk-android-<version>-sdk-production.aar
    The SDK binary file used for development purposes.

You also need a valid CONNECT Player licence key, available on this website.

Integration process

We recommend you perform integration of CONNECT Player SDK 5 in the following stages: